Wine Revolution

At the heart of our business we are passionate about providing the best food and drink at a fair and resonable price. Come and experience the Riverlight wine revolution! We have listened to feedback and decided to revolutionalise our approach to wine. As wine producers, we want wine to be a major reason people come to Riverlight, because it's really good and fairly priced. It can be really hard to find wine that's drinkable, or affordable when you go out, and we think that's really unfair.

What's the revolution? Having launched a totally new and expanded wine list. Instead of ridiculous mark ups we are setting a new standard in the way we price our wines - by simply adding a small flat fee to the prices we pay. That's doesn't matter whether you buy french champagne, british chardonnay or australian boutique pay what we paid plus a simple small flat fee. We will have wine thats delicious and affordable for every palate.If you want to bring your own wine, then go ahead, we simply apply a flat fee of £10 corkage to each bottle.

Oh, and we want a buzz, so there's going to be happy hour from 5 to 7 pm every day we open. Special wines by the glass at really affordable prices, enjoy them with our house-made bar snacks....