Christmas At Riverlight

Aiming to showcase Riverlight and give you an fantastic Christmas celebration occasion we have 2 set menus to choose from for groups up to 40 and a great buffet menu for groups over 40 people. Click the links below to download the menus.

You will enjoy scrumptious food and awesome surroundings decked out in this years colourful and funky Christmas decor with classic elements throughout.


to find out more ot call 01628 532626


Wine Makers Series

We are extremely passionate about wine. Co-Founder Adrian is a big part of Lethbridge Wines in Australia, we therefore believe people should be open to some of thebest wines, at affordable prices which is where our Wine Revolution stems from.

Come and enjoy a glass at the bar any time. Keep an eye out for specila wine nights which make up our winemakers series. We host evenings with winemakers, including Ray, all the way from Australia t English winemakers and passionate local sommeliers and wine oriented businesses. 


Steak Nights


In order to deliver our promise of great value we go the extra mile on Wednesdays & Thursdays giving you a delicious steak, chips and salad plus a drink, whether beer or glasss of wine all for £17.95.


Come join us. Book a space on here , call 01628 532 626 or just turn up - we'll make space for you at the bar if necessary...

G&T Nights

Want a fun and lively night out?


Have a guided tour of gins, with their description, story and the best way to garnish and serve it! Little samples highlight the true flavours then pick your fave and try it with it's garnish and Fevertree tonic.


Get a group together and join us for this interesting and insightful night, there are some delicious small plates that can keep you going or platters we can arrange. Get in touch for more information 






What's Happening?!



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I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text to make it your own.